Thursday, November 29, 2007
  Zealous embroiderer draws the art into craft
Published NZ Herald November 01, 2007

Sandra Bushby opens a box of embroidery. There is her mother's work, tightly stitched, immaculately finished front and back; pieces by her grandmother, looser, freer, on ageing linen; and the scarf her grandfather stitched in Cairo in 1916, bright threads on black silk drawing out words, flags and an animated lion.

Bushby's own embroidery is on the walls at the Anna Miles Gallery - an ancient craft technique pressed into the service of art.
She started as a painter, after training at Canterbury University's Ilam Art School, then taught secondary school for 12 years. She abandoned that to make art full time, or as full time as the mother of a young child can manage.

"I was wanting to make art and looking for fresh ways, mediums, materials," she says.

Sunday, November 25, 2007
  A little miracle
NZ Herald, Thursday November 22, 2007

What: Small Wonders
Where and when: Objectspace, 8 Ponsonby Rd, to Dec 22

Shows don't just happen. There have to be people willing and able to come up with ideas and bring them to fruition on the gallery walls or floor.

To increase the pool of people who could curate shows around the areas of applied art and design, Objectspace this year pulled together a group interested in handmade pieces.

Fortnightly sessions were held to talk about and look at the process of making exhibitions. The immediate outcome is Small Wonders, at the Ponsonby Rd gallery, on the theme of the miniature. That brief was interpreted in diverse ways by the participants, making for an intriguing show. Some asked makers to create new objects around a theme. Others plundered existing collections for works that illustrate the largeness of thinking small.

Monday, November 19, 2007
  Technology Innovation Network 100 Exporters
Zero to 100 in 20 years and the future is yours
Wednesday November 14, 2007

Ignore the biotech hype. Say no to nano. Look for a career with companies that manufacture smart stuff intelligently and sell it overseas.

That seems to be a conclusion to be drawn from the Technology Investment Network's third annual survey of the 100 top technology exporters.

High-tech manufacturing accounts for half the list and 72 per cent of the $5.8 billion in revenues the TIN 100 generated last year.

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